Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tally Trial #2

I know you’ve been going through the last 7 days in distress and anticipation since Tally Trial #1. But you’re going to be disappointed. Or not, depending on how you look at the people in this world.
Well, as I promised, I deliver unto you a Tally Trial #2. The test results are taken from Monday, November 26, 2012.
I kid you not, this Monday, I had no tallies.
There was not a single person that came in and teetered on the edge of sanity as my annoyance level crept up to its tippy toes. I think the longest anyone took to even reply to my question was three seconds.
This goes completely against my hypothesis and completely against my last test results. I’m so confused. My only theory is that there’s something fishy about the date November 19. So, here’s what has happened in the past on November 19th that may have caused this aura of turmoil I experienced last Monday.
In 1931, The US and some other countries in the League of Nations decided to give China a hand and get Japan out of Manchuria. In 1944, it was a pretty fierce day on the battlegrounds during World War II. In 1954, the first road toll was used. I suspect this is the biggest factor in the uneasiness and confusion people face on November 19ths.  In 1973 there was a big energy crisis with America and oil and all that jazz. 1994 was a pretty big year for November 19ths. It was the day a school tried to decide what to do when they found out there were 2 dozen child molesters in their area; It was the day an explosion in Mexico killed over 500 people; It was the day the UK Lottery started. Most notably, this was the year I was born. I know it’s kind of cheating to say that, because I wasn’t born on November 19th, but my birthday was so strong that it glazed over the entire year and its turmoil landed on November 19th and that’s what caused all the ridiculousness at the restaurant last Monday.
So there you have it.
November 19th sucks because of China, World War II, road tolls, oil, child molesters, Mexico, the lottery, and my birthday.
I have a feeling you’re going to be living in anticipation until next November 19th

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