Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Classmates Interviewing Classmates: Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson, 19 years old, attends Lincoln Land Community College and is interviewed by fellow classmate, Rebekah Sack. He discusses employment, film, music, love, religion, and his favorites.
Rebekah Sack: So, you don’t have a job, right?
Eric Anderson: It’s called “lazy person who doesn’t want to get a job.”
Sack: Why don’t you want a job?
Eric: I mean, I want a job, I just get tired.
Sack: Have you ever had a job before?
Eric: Yeah, I use to work at Smokey Bones. I was just a busboy trying my best to be friendly in a place where everyone who wasn't my age scarred me with their mediocrity. 
Sack: Why did you quit?
Eric: I left because I felt I had to. There  were small things that had gradually piled up. I felt constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. 
Sack: Do you have any career goals?
Eric: There’s so many, I wish I could live like four lives. I’ve always wanted to be a director or screenwriter.

Sack: How much money do you spend on movies?
Eric: Uhh, 80 dollars a month. Maybe. I rent them, but I can stream them online, too.
Sack: Who pays for it?                                       
Eric: My uncle. He’s really big into it. Me and him watch movies all the time, so he pretty much just pays for everything. Puts, like, hundreds of dollars [in my video store account] so I can just walk in there and get whatever I want. He’ll go in and say, “Here’s a hundred dollars, put it on his video rental account.”
Sack: Have you ever written a movie criticism?
Eric:  I can do tons of them if I wanted to, because I’m really harsh on people.
Sack: What’s the worst movie ever made?
Eric: Can I do so bad it’s funny?
Sack: Yes.
Eric: “Birdemic." There is not one redeeming thing in the whole film. Terrible acting, horrendous production and quality, lazy direction, bad sets, and just misstep after misstep. In a way, it's also what makes it well worth watching. I mean, wow, it's horrible, but get a group of friends and you have one of the best comedies right at your fingertips.
Sack: Are you more of an action movie kind of guy?
Eric: No, I’m more mystery. I like to let the characters develop, like, naturally. I don’t like it to be forced on me. Don’t watch any “Transformers” movie, because it’s crap. All the characters are stereotypes. It’s like—here’s the black guy; let him get his one line in.
Sack: What would be your cast if you made a movie?
Eric: Nowadays? Definitely Leonardo DiCaprio.
Sack: Why?
Eric: He just seems so damn genuine in every role he takes. He is so believable and sympathetic while being entirely deplorable altogether. It's something only the greats can reach.
Sack: Anyone else?
Eric: Kate Winslet, I really like her.
Sack: Why Winslet?
Eric: What primarily draws me to these people is when they're genuine and what I'm seeing is real. Something clicks like a spark to a flame and everything seems right.
Sack: Who would not be on your cast?
Eric: Ryan Reynolds. He’s awful… at everything.
Sack: Girl wise?
Eric: Hmm, Halle Berry. She was alright in “X-Men” and then “Catwoman” came out and I was like, noooope.

Sack: So, you sing, play drums, and guitar?
Eric: Yes.
Sack: What singer would you compare yourself to?
Eric: I like to do my own thing, but my influences are Husker Du, the Pixies, Nirvana.
Sack: Do you have any siblings?
Eric: I have an older brother, Michael, he’s pretty cool. He’s been rapping since he was 12. I used to bring over an acoustic guitar and we’d rap and stuff with it.
Sack: Did you YouTube that?
Eric: No, I never have. He’s been on YouTube a few times; he does all kinds of crazy things.
Sack: Do you think Michael got you interested in music?
Eric: Maybe a little. He used to play Michael Jackson and stuff all the time when I was growing up. Could do the moonwalk and everything.
Sack: Does it run in the family?
Eric: My grandmother told me that my great-grandfather used to be a blues musician.

Sack: Have you ever had a girlfriend?
Eric: No… pretty much. I’ve met a lot that have liked me, but I’ve never had one.
Sack: So, you’re hard to get?
Eric: Yep. Really.
Sack: So, what, they just aren’t good enough for you?
Eric: No, I just don’t want to. It’s just something I won’t be interested in for a while.
Sack: So are you one of those people who waits until 30 or 40 to get married?
Eric: Yeah, definitely. I want to travel a lot in my 20’s, so I really don't want a family anytime soon.
Sack: Beauty or brains?
Eric: If I’m attracted to someone’s personality, then I love the way they look, absolutely.
Sack: Okay, so let’s say I’ve got your perfect girl here, but she hates movies. What’s the verdict?
Eric: I’ve met a few girls like that before. To be honest, it kind of turns me off.
Sack: Who’s your dream girl?
Eric: Natalie Portman.
Sack: Why?
Eric: She's smart, cultured, down to earth, and relatable while being passionate about something so dearly. Probably just the elegance; something about a woman actually having class, especially today. A lot of people like to act as though they're just objects, so it's refreshing to see someone set standards. 

Sack: So, you’re an atheist?
Eric: Yes. Like, if you’re a Catholic or a Muslim I have a lesser opinion of you.
Sack: Why?
Eric: I can understand if it’s a family thing, but by the time you reach, like, into your teens or 20’s and you haven’t realized that that’s something that isn’t real—it’s like believing in Santa Claus.
Sack: How?
Eric: Because there’s no basis and fact. It’s just stories handed down from our ancestors. In all honesty, it’s kind of BS.
Sack: Do you have a set of beliefs?
Eric: Yeah, I’m Pantheist.
Sack: What is that?
Eric: You don’t believe in a God, you believe in nature. It’s like as soon as you die, your body decomposes and becomes part of the Earth. It’s like, you’re the Earth basically. I really like it.
Sack: How did the world start then?
Eric: Big Bang. I mean I’m no physicist, but it’s way more believable than a God going poof!
Sack: How so?
Eric: Because if you believe that there’s a random guy up in the clouds who snaps his fingers and makes a guy out of nowhere, then you’ve gotta be crazy. Everything happens from the smallest of organisms and every single thing evolves.
Sack: How come there are still smaller organisms?
Eric: Because they’re different characteristics of the same species.
Sack: But apes became humans?
Eric: No, see that’s a common misconception. Apes didn’t become humans; they’re just a common ancestor.
Sack: What is the common ancestor?
Eric: I don’t know how I’m going to explain this. I don’t have a giant book in front of me.

Fav. Subject: English; I like stories
Fav. College Teacher: Greg Murray
Fav. Books: “The Great Gatsby,” “A Clockwork Orange”
Fav. Director: Stanley Kubrick
Fav. Actor: Marlon Brando
Fav. Color: Blue; it’s mysterious
Fav. Artist: Francis Black of the Pixies; Kurt Cobain
Fav. Movies: “Pulp Fiction,” “Shadow of a
Doubt,” “Dr. Strangelove”
Fav. Restaurant: Mom’s cooking, specifically roasted lamb
Fav. Movie of 2012: “Argo”  and “Moonrise Kingdom”
Fav. Song Lyric: Pink Floyd’s “Time;” “No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”
Fav. Memory: Riding “Jaws” with Grandpa at Disneyworld

Last Notes
Sack: In a nutshell, how would you describe yourself?
Eric: On the verge of explosion.

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