Monday, April 29, 2013

Lullaby Trio

            Her lips part and the melody blossoms.
            A love song, a ballad, a lullaby.
            The whirring softness of her small voice lilts into the air, swirling in legato hums, tipping out the windows and soaking into the damp earth.
            Spring sings back as a lone skylark spits out the prim, prim, prim of its serenade.
            She taps her finger on her belly, counting to the beat of her tune.
            One, two, three, four, and-a-one.
            Humming, humming, humming, soft and sweet and fragrant.
            Sunshine seeps through the sheer drapes; pins of light highlight her cheekbones. She smiles in the teal room, feeling the warmth of the sun and the duet of the skylark.
            Taps her belly.
            Hums her tune.
            Taps her belly.
            Hums her tune.
            One, two, three, four and-a-one, two, three—
            She jerks up straight, her hand flat on her belly.
            Wisps of loose hair untwine from her braid as she leans forward. Her humming stops, the skylark takes a breath, her hand is firm.
            Her swimming eyes dance as she cups both hands around her growing stomach.
            Tap, tap, tap.
            Humming, humming, humming.
            A skylark singing.
            She leans back in her chair, closing her eyes.
            Her lips close, and she hums her precious lullaby.
            A lullaby trio.

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