Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Server Tipping Rubric

     City: Lahaina. Island: Maui. State: Hawaii. Restuarant: Ono's Grill.
     My sister, Bethany, and I just experienced the worst service of our lives. After waiting over 10 minutes to be greeted, we were checked on only once when we had completely finished our meals.
     We decided it was time. 
     We created a detailed rubric for all customers to use when eating at a restaurant. There are 10 criteria, which include greeting, refills, and server competence (just to name a few). For each criteria, there are three categories: failed, average, and outstanding. (If a certain criteria is not applicable, the server automatically receives the outstanding column.)
     Each category is given a specific percentage, and when all criteria are added up, the final tip is calculated. 
     If all criteria are awarded an outstanding rating, the server receives a 19% tip. 
     There is a bonus box, where an exceptional server can rack up an additional 6%.

     Back to Ono's Grill. We tipped him $2 off of a $24 bill (8.3%). After completing our rubric, we went back to see how accurate we were. According to our rubric, he should have received 9.5%.
     Needless to say, our rubric is accurate and helpful.

   We all know what we like and don't like about our servers, but they tend to be clueless. Print off our PDF and take one to fill out at each restaurant you go to from now on. If your server sucked, this rubric will not only notify them of why they got a bad tip, but how they can improve for next time. If you would rather not leave this for the server to see, ask for a manager at the end of your stay and give them your finished rubric with your server's name on the top. This will not only inform the manager of what is good and bad about their service, but it will stop any unwanted hurt feelings towards your server. 


     Better servers, happy customers.

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